Smartphones can often prove to be both a blessing and a curse. We are always connected to our email, Facebook updates and everything digital in our lives. This is great, but it also means we start to become slaves to the technology designed to make our lives easier.

People have become very attached to their phones, taking them everywhere and answering them anytime. Having an easy way to communicate means that we always think we have to answer the call or text, even at the worst possible times: when driving, when using the restroom, when hanging out with friends. Even when having sex.

A new study conducted by British telco Vodafone suggests that out of 2,000 British adults, 33% think its perfectly fine to pick up the phone while in the middle of what should be a very intimate and personal moment. The data also suggests 51% will pick up during a wedding and 54% will answer during dinner. Crazy enough, a high 57% are more than fine answering while on the toilet as well.

Other information collected isn’t as surprising, like the fact that most mobile phone owners have as many as 50 contacts yet only talk to a few of those on a regular basis. About 80% say they have a number in their phone that they have never called and never plan to call.

Have we gone to far when it comes to where we take our phones and when we use them?

Would you answer the phone or check a text during these private moments, or not? Ever go off the grid and shut your phone off during these kinds of situations, or not? As much as you love the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 or even your current smartphone, there are times when you might just want to wait to answer that call until a little later.

Photo Credit: iDiva

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