Countdown in Spain for the HTC Magic

Countdown in Spain for the HTC Magic

This was a bit unexpected.  Vodafone Spain has a countdown page on its website touting the fact that it will start offering the HTC Magic Android powered smartphone to its customers later today – at 11pm Spain time, best we can tell.

This beats out Vodafone UK by a few days, since the British will have to wait until May 5th.

Prices range from at 21 EUR monthly with a 199 EUR purchase price to 62 EUR monthly with a 19 EUR purchase price.  You can see a full chart on this Spanish site.  If anybody can clarify what “Nuevas altas sin portabilidad” means (unlocked, maybe?), please explain in the comments, because that option is much more expensive for some reason.  Thanks.

Update: Yikes, thanks to an explanation from RubénGM in the comments, we now know that the prices I mentioned above are no good if you are a brand new client that’s not coming from a competing carrier.  It seems that the networks give deep discounts if you switch over to them, so if you are a brand spanking new client, you’ll pay from 339 EUR to 299 EUR.  If you switch from a competitor, it ranges from 199 EUR to 19 EUR.

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