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Vodafone finds out customers won't pay arbitrary fees for 4G access

Vodafone applies a significant premium for 4G access.
August 14, 2014
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The United States is not alone in having wireless carriers devise troll tolls for customers. By troll toll, I am referring to actions by Verizon and AT&T who have pushed for a number of unnecessary and arbitrary tolls on those using their network.

Considering both Verizon and AT&T own nearly 70% of the wireless market in the US, why not throw around your weight and impose such troll tolls to get a few more dollars?

Now, Vodafone is seeing a backlash from their customers on having to pay such tolls. Vodafone in the UK has 33% of all 2g and 3G users yet only has just 10% of 4g users.

Why are so many not upgrading to 4g?

Vodafone charges £22 a month (US$37) for a 4G SIM-only packaged with 1GB of data included, whereas the equivalent from its rivals costs at least £5 less. – LightReading

In fact, Vodafone has been forced to bundle free mobile access to Netflix, Sky Sports or Spotify into their 4G packages and still can not gain much 4G ground.


As the Telegraph stated in a recent story:

The operator (Vodafone) applies a significant premium to faster internet access on the move while rivals charge little or nothing extra. –

It is doubtful that Vodafone will change their stance as chief executive Vittorio Colao continues telling the media that customers should expect to pay more.