We don’t know how they do it, but it appears Vodafone Australia will bring the latest flavor of Android OS, codenamed Jelly Bean, to the Nexus S. The Android 4.1 upgrade for the Nexus S, which was first reported by Ausdroid, has been confirmed on the carrier’s blog and it will be released starting tomorrow.

In its software update weekly wrap, the Nexus S is written down as the first recipient of the Jelly Bean dessert. The status for the roll out is listed as:

“Approved by Vodafone, roll out by Google scheduled for 1:00pm AEST, 19th July 2012. Keep an eye on our blog for further information.”

What’s rather odd is that the Galaxy Nexus, which is the first of two devices – along with the Nexus 7 – to officially sport Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, will be getting it later than the older Nexus S. Of course, we’re talking about the non-Takju and Yakju build of the phone. The software update for the Galaxy Nexus is apparently still being prepared “for submission to Vodafone for testing.”

Never mind that Google hasn’t even released the Jelly Bean image for the Nexus S on its website, the news should be greatly welcomed by owners of the device down under. Some noteworthy additions to Jelly Bean include the Siri-competitor Google Now and Project Butter for that extra smooth performance.

For folks sporting the Nexus S in Australia, are you excited about the surprisingly swift Jelly Bean update for your device?

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