Though Samsung has gone out of its way lately to ensure all Galaxy S3 users worldwide can get a taste of Jelly Bean, there are still a couple of loose ends to be tied up here and there.

Thankfully, the tying up of loose ends is in full swing, which is easily noticeable after Rogers Canada and Vodafone Australia’s latest announcements. The latter has just posted a happy, happy message on its blog, letting people know that Android 4.1.1 will come to the carrier’s S3 next Monday, on the 26th.

The rollout is scheduled to start “shortly after 1:00 PM” (now that’s specific), but, as usual, the upgrade is expected to come out in batches. Still, Vodafone is promising all S3s will get the software bump within 14 days of the initial release, which is not too bad.

You will be able to grab the upgrade OTA (over-the-air), but if you fail to receive it automatically, you can also try to hook up your phone to a PC and search for the software package using Samsung’s Kies software.

As for details of the update, these are all available for a quick look-see here, but they’re nothing special. That is if you’re already familiar with what JB is bringing to the table, because if you’re not you’ll surely be mesmerized by the huge bundle of tweaks, added features and even bug fixes.

Meanwhile, Vodafone’s main competitors, Telstra and Optus, already have the LTE Galaxy S3 with Jelly Bean available, so it was about time the nation’s third major carrier stepped up its game. Who’s excited about the Android 4.1 bump? Is it a bit too late to the party or right on time?