vodafone logo Credit: JonOakley/Flickr

4G is slowly coming online in the UK. Currently EE is the only network offering consumers a 4G service, but Vodafone is setting up to be the next big carrier to offer the faster service to its consumers. Earlier today Vodafone announced that it will be rolling out its own 4G high speed network by late summer.

Vodafone is increasing its infrastructure spending by 50% this year in preparation for the launch, bringing spending up to more than £900 million this year, or £2.5 million every day if you prefer. After all, the company has a large network to maintain and upgrading its services is an expensive venture, especially as it wants to make sure that its network covers 98% of the UK population.

We’re still waiting on pricing information for Vodafone’s 4G packages, but if the company follows in the footsteps of its rival carrier EE, then prices could be a bit more expensive than the current offerings.

Eventually both O2 and Three will roll-out their own 4G networks, which should both come online before the end of the year. This will hopefully help bring the prices down for everyone, especially as Three has announced that it won’t charge a premium for its 4G customers.

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