If you’re an avid podcast listener, tuned in to the latest audio content everyday, you should have a podcast-streaming app that can cope with your personal podcast demands. Try VoAudio, a new podcast streaming app with ample functional features packed in a clean user interface to give you better a podcast experience for free.

Podcasting has definitely changed the way things were, allowing every individual user to consume or listen to his or her favorite podcast anywhere and anytime he or she wants to. It has turned into a growing trend, with everyone listening to the latest scoops on music, sports, politics, business, news and more. In turn, the list of podcast streaming apps is growing. However, there are only a few apps that can provide users with great and easy-to-use functional features for free.


VoAudio simply works by allowing users to easily subscribe, download, and listen to podcasts on their Android device. For instance, once you are subscribed to a certain podcast through the app, it will automatically download the latest content for free on your mobile device, letting you consume or listen to them offline. Just log in using a VoAudio account, search for your favorite podcasts, and subscribe to everything you want since there is no limit on the number of podcast subscriptions.

If you are new to podcasts, the app helps you find a podcast that you might like in various categories. Just tap on the category that you like and choose from the wide selection.  The app also provides an option where you can download a certain episode without having to subscribe to it, letting you prevent the app from downloading undesired content automatically.

Speaking of downloading, the app gives you ample download control features via the Download Tab. You can manage the download tasks, control a particular podcast download, and decide which ones you want to download first or last. To prevent podcasts from occupying most of your device’s precious memory, VoAudio lets you set the number of podcasts that you’d like to store on your mobile device.

The app also supports sharing your newly discovered and favorite podcast episodes with your friends through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter in just a single tap. If you want to share everything, there’s no problem with that since the app supports batch selection of podcasts that can be easily shared as a custom playlist. It’s also worth mentioning that the app lets you listen to a podcast at a speed that you prefer.

VoAudio is definitely an app that deserves a try if you want a podcast-streaming app that is easy to use, has a sleek and nice interface, and free. You can download VoAudio from the Google Play Store for free.