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VMware, Nvidia turn Chromebooks into powerful cloud computers

Just like music, video and file sharing, the future of powerful computing could be based off the cloud. Google, Nvidia and VMware are making this possible.
August 26, 2014
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Just like music, video and file sharing, the future of powerful computing could be based on the cloud. Only when we truly harness the power of the cloud will we be able to use the most resource-hungry and graphic-intense applications in affordable computers with modest specs.

VMware, NVIDIA and Google are partnering to make such feat possible by using streaming and remote desktop controls (yes, much like we have seen in apps like Google’s Chrome Remote). Enterprise customers will soon be able to run applications like Adobe Illustrator CC or Autodesk AutoCAD straight from a Chrome OS computer. Furthermore, applications that would otherwise never come to Chrome OS will also be available for use via these internet-based laptops (e.g.: Microsoft Office).


Other benefits include the company’s ability to save money in equipment. Customers could easily purchase a plethora of affordable Chromebooks instead of spending fortunes on multiple powerful machines to run these complex programs.

This will be possible thanks to the combination of all these partners’ specializations. Google’s Chrome OS devices make for affordable and convenient computers that specialize on web apps. Meanwhile, NVIDIA’s GRID technology allows for screen sharing and game streaming across mobile devices and computers.

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VMware focuses on enterprise cloud solutions and applications, making it a crucial piece of this puzzle. In short, VMware will offer the computing power and applications, Nvidia GRID will deliver it and your Chromebook will receive it.

As expected, Nvidia Tegra K1-equipped Chromebooks will be among the first to get this feature. The list of Tegra K1 Chromebooks is very exclusive at this point. Not to mention, this is for enterprise customers, making this functionality amazingly limited.

Tegra K1

We can assume the consumer will eventually be able to enjoy the same privileges, but this novel technology will only be available for those in business suits for now. Select Nvidia and VMware customers will see availability come during Q4 2014. The rest of us can continue to wait.