VLC Media Player, a popular cross-platform and opensource multimedia player, is about to make inroads into the Android platform. VideoLAN recently announced that it is currently about to put its VLC Media Player app in private beta testing.

Android users who wish to participate in the beta testing for the Android version of the VLC Media Player will have to register for the program. The beta testing will enable VideoLAN to “test some debug builds” and “see on how many devices [the app] actually works.”

The development team has put up an online registration form–one that smells of sweet geeky humor, I should say. The team will be selecting only “a few people” to actually take part in the beta testing and has indicated that the team may restrict future app support only to those devices that have been tested. So, if you are interested in joining the program, answer the questions on the form honestly–even that question asking about when you laughed the last time.

Although the desktop version of the VLC Media Player has been a global favorite all-in-one media player because of its support for a long list of popular and obscure media formats, the Android port of the player will depend a lot on the hardware, which varies considerably from device to device. For sure, the VLC Media Player app for Android will be able to use native hardware acceleration for video codecs supported by your device’s chipset. For codecs and multimedia formats not natively supported by your device, VLC Media Player may be able to let you play them anyway–but the playback may not be as smooth as when your hardware supports the codecs natively.

While VideoLAN is still ironing out kinks in its soon-to-be-released VLC Media Player app for Android, feel free to check out Android Authority’s reviews of some of the best media player apps for Android.

What media player app do you use on your Android device?