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VLC Beta (NEON version): Foretaste of a better VLC Player for Android

August 1, 2012

The very first beta of VLC Player for Android has just been released for devices sporting an ARMv7 CPU with NEON Support. The VLC Beta Player is intended for “power users,” allowing them to fully customize the player.

The VLC player is already a cross-platform application and can play almost any multimedia format. The application is not just limited to supporting local video and audio playback but also supports high quality online streams.

VLC Player for Android supports swipe gestures so you can control volume by swiping up and down the screen, multi-track audio, subtitles, changing aspect ratio, filtering audio tracks according to a users preference, album art, and also a helpful home screen widget to help users control playback.

Just like its desktop counterpart, VLC Beta Player for Android still features the same old functionality and features that veteran users have grown to love. The app is still able to render High Definition media up to 1080p and it is still an opensource project for users who are planning on modifying the application.

Since VLC is known to play a wide variety of videos, users will never have to worry about installing additional software, especially the codecs.

On the app’s main interface, you will find that it is split into two, the video and the audio parts. As soon as you launch the application, it will scan your device for all the local media content available and will place those files under the relevant tabs. Users can also manually search media content or locate a specific network stream that can be accessed from the bar on top.

Selecting the menu button lets you toggle between directory and media view. There is also the settings page on which you can find the various options, like hardware acceleration, headset detection, search history, and other important audio and video tweaks.

In the Video tab, you can long-press a file to reveal detailed information about media such as video resolution, frame rate, video codecs, and file size. Long-pressing an album will let you play all the tracks it contains.

On the negative side, VLC Beta Player for Android still has a lot of catching up to do. Although the app does perform well in playing most file types, it does however lack its effectiveness in playing high-quality 1080p videos. In addition, some users have also complained about how the app uses so much battery power for just a short amount of time.

Considering the app is still in its beta stage, these setbacks are just normal and could be weeded out when the final version hits the market. Overall, VLC Beta for Android could be the media player that we all have been waiting for.

You can download your copy of VLC Beta (NEON version) absolutely free on the Google Play Store.