vizio co-star googe tv 3

The best thing about using cloud-powered devices is the fact that gadgets become better with every update. That’s true for smartphones and tablets (well, in most cases), but also for devices like the Google TVs set top boxes.

Today, we’re here to inform you that one of the most competitive Google TV units on the market, the $99 Vizio Co-Star, is getting the update to Google TV version 3.

The update brings some bug fixes and performance improvements, but also a couple of nice features, such as voice control through the tablet app, a smarter YouTube app, and the availability of the full Amazon Instant app (as opposed to just a shortcut to the web version) and Vudu. Another neat feature coming to the Co-Star is the new Prime Time quick guide, which lets you flick through programming on live TV, your subscribed YouTube channels, and your recently watched list.

As per our colleague and Google TV ambassador Derek Ross, the update is rolling out now, but it usually takes some time for updates to propagate to the entire user base.

If you’re using a Hisense Pulse Google TV, you are in for a treat as well — Derek says he was promised (during CES) an update to version 3 in the “following weeks”. So you should get a notification any day now.

Did you update your Google TV? What unit do you use?

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