The Vizio Co-Star has received a software update that brings some improvements and several new features to the hit Google TV box.

Starting with the UI, it has been given a boost of performance. You can navigate your way around the interface faster and menus will load quicker.

The enhanced Google Play functionality means you can buy and rent content directly from the Google Play Store. If you’ve purchased the content on another device, they will be automatically synced to your Co-Star device.

There’s a new search feature that grabs results from more sources, Google Play included. You can search for shows and movies across live TV and apps like Netflix, and Amazon. Speaking of Netflix, expect the app to run smoother. Lastly, the update also enhances the HDMI video and audio stability.

The Vizio Co-star is as compact as it is affordable. Priced at $99, the Google TV box easily turns your HDTV into a full-fledged smart TV that lets you browse, run apps, stream movies and more in Full HD 1080p. The provided remote control not only packs a touchpad, but also gaming buttons and a full keyboard.

As for the update, Vizio said that it will be gradually rolled out starting from November 12.