One of the hallmarks  of Android is that it is used in many cheap tablets and phones. Admittedly this is mostly because of Android’s semi-open nature. However, this has greatly helped in the operating system’s market penetration. Well, if there’s anyone who knows about being cheap and affordable, it’s Vizio. The US-based manufacturer of cheap electronics has made a name for itself with its line of cheap yet nice quality LCD TVs. Now it’s trying to branch out.

Vizio announced earlier this year that they would be working on an Android phone and tablet. Well, the Android phone was spotted last month at the FCC for approval. Now, the company’s tablet has made its FCC debut as well. Vizio’s product, using the model number VTAB1008, has recently won FCC approval for the use of its WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.


We already saw an early prototype of it at this year’s CES and after half a year  – which is pretty fast all things considered – it is already prepped to be launched into the market place. Estimated to be an8-inch Android tablet with  a 1GHz CPU and 4GB of internal memory, the FCC approval confirms that the VTAB will have HDMI and USB ports, along with a microSD slot.

Vizio is known for its cheap TVs, so expect the VTAB to be priced reasonably, within reach of a lot of consumers. Walmart has already priced it at $349, a very  attractive price point for many a consumer, mostly because of the under $400 price tag.

Source: Wireless Goodness



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