Some Android smartphones have physical camera buttons. Others don’t–and much to their owners’ frustration. For the latter case, a virtual camera button usually compensates for the lack of a dedicated, physical button. Yet, many a user has been frustrated by the the camera buttons of most camera apps for Android.

For instance, when I attempt to shoot a self-portrait photo, I constantly run into trouble with touching the onscreen camera shutter button precisely with my finger. Since the primary camera of most smartphones are rear-facing, and the virtual camera shutter button is displayed on the touchscreen opposite the rear camera, it’s impossible for me to tap the button with exact precision all the time to take my self-photo.

That was the quandary that I used to frequently find myself in whenever I had to take self-photos. Thanks to the Big Camera Button Lite app, all of that trouble is now gone for me.

The Big Camera Button Lite app is exactly just that–an app for a big camera button. Actually, it turns the whole touchscreen into a big camera shutter button. With a virtual shutter button that huge, I can now press any area of the touchscreen and take self-pictures with ease.

Big Camera Button Lite is a free app available on the Android Market. I’ve used and tested it for some time already and have encountered no problem worth complaining about. It simply does what it was developed to do. From what I can tell, the app does not lack in camera settings or quality either.

See the app in action:

If, like me, you want to take self-photos without having to go through the trouble of positioning your finger on a small shutter button on the touchscreen, then Big Camera Button Lite just may be the perfect app for you.

Have you tried this nifty app? What do you think of it?

Vinny Marino

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