It might not be a super-phone, it’s clearly not even Samsung’s best mid-ranger, but the petite and stylish Galaxy Reverb managed to get some buzz going for it. Leaked way back in July for the first time, the 4-incher didn’t get a formal introduction until a couple of weeks ago, when it was expected to be up for pre-order at Virgin Mobile on or around August 29.

That ETA didn’t exactly stick, but the Reverb did go up for pre-order after all earlier today. The phone is listed as a “web exclusive” on Virgin’s website, but we’re unsure if that only refers to the start of the pre-ordering period, or to the actual release as well.

In any case, if you get in an order to Virgin Mobile for the Galaxy Reverb, you should expect to receive the phone a couple of days after September 19, when it’ll start shipping. The Reverb unfortunately didn’t get that price trim we were expecting two weeks ago, so it’ll still sell for $249.99.

You can pair the phone with one of Virgin’s no-contract prepaid plans starting at $35 monthly. The $35 plan will get you unlimited messaging and data, plus 300 minutes of talk time, the $45 will buy you 1,200 minutes aside from the unlimited messaging and data, while the $55 has unlimited everything included.

Aside from clearing up the air in regards to the phone’s availability and pricing, Virgin Mobile’s announcement from today also reveals the Reverb’s full spec sheet. We did know bits and pieces about its features, but we’ve now gotten confirmation that the 4-inch display features WVGA 800 x 480 pixels resolution, that it comes with 4GB of on-board memory and that its battery is a 1,700mAh one capable of running for up to 7.5 hours in talk time between charges.

The Galaxy Reverb has a rather slim profile and weighs in at 128.7g while measuring 11.4mm in thickness. Under its hood, there lies a single-core 1.4 GHz processor, 768 MB of RAM, as well as a bunch of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G and GPS. There’s a 5MP “shooter” with LED flash on the back of the device and a 1.3MP camera on its front, while in terms of software the phone seems to be running a pretty “pure” version of Android 4.0 ICS.

There’s still no news about the Reverb’s release at Sprint, for those of you who dig on-contract phones more than prepaid devices, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the nation’s third largest carrier will not be picking it up sometime in the not so distant future.

Anyone getting in a virtual Virgin Mobile line to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Reverb? Do you agree with us that it needs a slight price makeover, or does it pack enough “oomph” to be worth $250?