Virgin Mobile

Now that the Nexus 4 stock has sort of stabilised in the Play Store, it is expected that availability among carriers will increase as well. Following this trend, Virgin Mobile Canada is the latest carrier to offer the Nexus 4 smartphone in the region.

While pricing and availability is unknown at this point – we know it’s “coming soon” – the sign up page is live on the Virgin website so you can be notified as soon as it is in stock.

The questions still remains though, why would anyone want to buy the phone on a contract if its available unlocked for up to $350? Chances are if you were on the lookout for the flagship Google phone then you would have bought it from the Play Store. But then again, Play Store availability hasn’t been that great. Of course, if you are waiting for this handset to come to your carrier of choice, do let us know why in the comments.

Tanay Sood
Tanay is a sophomore at Rutgers University studying Business Analytics and Information Technology. A veteran prowler of the XDA forums, his current phone of choice is Nexus 4. You will usually find him scouring the web for new ROM's to flash or new sitcoms to watch.