The Galaxy S2 is Samsung’s 2011 flagship device, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice for smartphone buyers currently looking to buy a new device.

In fact, the handset is enjoying a second life as some carriers are ready to sell it bundled with pre-paid plans to customers that don’t want to be tied down to new two-year contracts.

One such carrier is Virgin Mobile, which is ready to start selling the Galaxy S2 4G for $369.99, off-contract, starting with November 15. That’s the same price Boost Mobile charges for the handset, and certainly a lot cheaper than the $499 off-contract price available for the same device from Sprint and T-Mobile.

If $369.99 is still too expensive for your taste, then you may be happy to hear that Best Buy will offer the same handset for just $299.99 when purchased with a Boost Mobile pre-paid plan. In order to take advantage of the deal you’d have to wait until Black Friday to purchase it, or just eight more days after Virgin Mobile launches its own Galaxy S2 flavor.

Are you buying this 2011 flagship handset?