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Vipre Mobile For Android Now In Beta

July 25, 2011

Malware and viruses run rampant in the modern digital age, so you’ll probably need a bit of protection. That’s why you use an antivirus. One of the latest antivirus software to hit the stands is Vipre Antivirus. First hitting the Windows platform, the guys behind it are bringing it to Android. Android may be a young OS, but it’s already plagued with malware – which is why it’s the perfect time for Vipre Mobile to set up shop.

So what does Vipre mobile have to offer? Other than your basic security features for software, there are also some interesting bits that are aimed at phone and text messaging – also for parental controls, if you happen to be a parent worrying about their child’s smart phone usage.

So yeah, it’s got the basic antivirus suite from VIPRE. It’s also got antispam setting – so your smartphone won’t be overwhelmed by junk spam. There’s also Appcontrol. This enables you to restrict the usage of your phone, depending on who’s using it. You may want to curb your son from hogging your phone by blocking out the use of Angry Birds, for example. It also limits access to apps you think are personal in nature – like your e-mail program.

Other features of Vipre include Remote Locate – which is handy for finding your children, Remote Wipe – which lets you erase data from anywhere, in case your phone gets stolen, Remote Alarm – which is a handy way of finding where your phone is. There’s also the Backup feature – it lets you store your vital contacts, pictures, videos and other personal items safe on VIPRE’s secure online servers. You can restore it all with a touch of a button.

Finally, there’s the parental controls. You can monitor your child’s usage of the phone, along with anti-sexting and anti-bullying features that keep your children safe and assure your peace of mind. You can also lock down web browsing, email, texting, phone calls or texting while driving for your child.

That’s a pretty comprehensive feature list. It’s still in beta, though, so expect a few more when it is released.