Vine video sharing app

Vine has been available for Android users for a while now, however many people have criticized the app for the lack of key features like a search bar. Luckily the guys at Vine have been hard at work and the first update has brought some much needed features.

The update brings a search bar, allowing you to search for users and hashtags (honestly, we don’t know how it was released without it), the ability to share to Facebook, improvements to capture speed, quality and audio/video synchronization, as well as the ability to clear cache in the settings.

Unfortunately the update doesn't bring the ability to record video with the front-facing camera.

The update also includes other bug fixes and UI improvements, but the most notable omission remains the lack of the ability to record with the front facing camera.

In case you didn’t know, Vine is a service owned by Twitter which allows users to record 6 second looping videos. Facebook recently came out with Instagram video, a 15 second non-looping video service aimed at combating Vine’s popularity. Hopefully this will pressure Twitter into adding the ability to record with your front-facing camera.

To update or try out the Vine app, hit the source link below.

Have you tried Instagram video or Vine? Which do you prefer? Are they just passing fads?