Less than a week ago, Twitter officially announced the availability of the Vine for Android app on the Google Play store. It has since been downloaded more than 1 million times, and according to information from online analytics company Topsy, it has already surpassed Instagram in terms of popularity based on total number of media shares on the Internet — specifically, Twitter.

Data gathered during the last few days involving links to either Instagram and Vine that have been posted to Twitter reveal the truth. The newly-launched video sharing app, which was first an iOS exclusive, became more popular than Facebook’s billion-dollar photo sharing network a few days ago.

Looking closely at the details of the media shares, one will learn that the difference between the two now is only a couple hundred thousand shares. But Vine’s numbers still seem to be on the rise, while Instagram remains on seemingly slow and steady decline.

There is some speculation that perhaps Instagram’s refusal to integrate with Twitter cards is causing this recent slump in usage and total shares. But it’s also likely that a certain portion of Instagram’s userbase is currently getting the hang of Vine for Android, and have perhaps stopped using the former to spend more time with the latter.

In any case, it’s clear that Vine has greater mass appeal to have become so popular so quickly in a world where new mobile apps are being birthed every single day. As the app becomes even more popular, expect to see more and more creative stuff posted to it for your own viewing pleasure.

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