While a few weeks ago you couldn’t score a Nexus 4 in Canada if your life depended on it, right now you might have trouble deciding where to get it. Google’s Play Store remains the best choice in the long run, but if you can’t wait the two to three weeks it takes for the N4 to reach you and/or are a little low on cash at the moment there are three other roads to happiness.

Videotron, Fido and Wind Mobile have recently launched the “pure Google” phone, but all three Canadian carriers require you to either pen a lengthy contract or pay a premium upfront, so it’s still hard to decide. But with Fido unable to handle initial demand, you can narrow your options down to two: Videotron and Wind.

And now Videotron is giving you an incentive to close the deal with them. The on-contract price of the 16 GB Nexus 4 has earlier today been cut down to just $99.95. That’s 50 bucks off the “list price”, but it’s on-par with what Wind charges for the device.

However, Wind only has the N4 available in brick and mortar stores, so if you’re the convenient type (read: lazy) you’ll probably pick Videotron. And that’s despite the fact Videotron’s “special” price is valid with three-year contracts, while the competition lets you off the hook after 24 months. Hmm, maybe Videotron is not the smartest choice after all. Is it?