VLC Android
VLC (VideoLAN) might well be one of the best and most popular video player apps for Microsoft Windows, but its lengthy absence from the smartphone market has definitely disappointed most VideoLAN fans.

Thankfully though, 2012 marks the end (don’t worry, there’s no impending apocalypse that you should worry about) of that absence, as a beta version of VLC has just surfaced yesterday on Google Play, almost four months after the launch of VLC for iOS.

The VideoLAN app for Android is fairly simple in functionality and comes with a basic play, pause, skip widget that can be used for quick navigation around your various content.

According to the developers, this beta version is not very stable (the official beta warning says: “it might kill your kitten, destroy your house, and start the Mayan apocalypse”; flat-out one of the coolest beta warnings ever!) and only works on Android devices with an ARMv7 processor, as it requires the availability of the NEON engine.

Fortunately, most Android devices these days come with support for the NEON engine. If you own an Android devices that lacks a v7 processor, there isn’t much reason to fret, as the devs have promised the release of separate apps for currently unsupported smartphones and tablets.

Without further ado, here’s the official Google Play link for the VideoLAN beta app. Drop by and leave a comment and tell us what you make of it, and feel free to mention your personal alternatives.