TouchDown by

TouchDown by

My personal favorite app for the Android platform, the TouchDown Microsoft Exchange client by, is getting a whole slew of new features – many of which are tied to the new Android 2.0 system we see on the Motorola DROID.

I’ve been testing the latest beta builds of the TouchDown client and have put together a video that highlights both new and old features of the application, which I consider to be the best Exchange client available on any smartphone platform.  The new Android 2.0-specific text to speech and speech to text features are quite cool, but the new folder support in contacts and the filtering added all over is really great, too.

So if you or your company make use of Microsoft Exchange, and you want to take advantage of all of its features, including proper folder/category support for email/contacts/calendar/tasks, out of office messages, remote wipe, custom ringtones, and a slew of other features, then head over to the Android Market and search for “Exchange by TouchDown” to download and install the fully featured 5-day trial. If you love it as much as I do, you can buy the unlock key for $19.99.

Video after the jump.

And just for complete transparency here, I was provided a free unlock key to the application by some months ago, but that’s not why I’ve been using it ever since and have worked with the developer to test it. I do that because it’s an application I couldn’t live without.