P2P Video with Flash

P2P Video with Flash

Mark Doherty, Flash Platform Evangelist for Mobile and Devices, Adobe Systems, has recently demonstrated new additions to call state handling for video calling applications using Flash/AIR. The thing to note about this video, despite coming from an Adobe employee, is that this is not an Adobe Flash Platform product. This means it not official, nor will it be. However, Doherty is set to release the source code out to developers so they can make their own cross-platform peer-to-peer chat applications based on Flash.

The technology itself is very similar to Apple’s iPhone 4-based FaceTime, emphasised by the cheeky name FlashTime. Using Adobe’s own Stratus servers, the video shown after the jump reveals a FlashTime demo with a user-to-user video call between two Android Nexus One devices.

[Via Hexus]

P2P Video Demo – AIR2.5 on Android from Mark Doherty on Vimeo.

James Tromans
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