A couple of videos have shown up on YouTube that claim to show Android running on a Nokia N95 smartphone, a device that normally runs the Symbian OS with Nokia’s S60 user interface.

Android has been sucessfully ported to Nokia’s Linux based N810 Internet Tablet, as well as a number of HTC smartphones that run Windows Mobile, so it is not that far of a stretch to believe that it has been ported to the N95. After watching the videos, though, It seems that the guys making the videos have gone out of their way to make sure that you can’t see the d-pad or other keys being used when they are navigating through the system (though there does appear to be keypad use in one). Considering the poor quality of the video, it certainly seems quite possible that what appears to be Android could merely be a video of Android running full screen on the N95.

Until we see some better quality video, we won’t really know for sure. But in any case, check out the videos for yourself below.