Last week we brought you video of the Motorola MOTOROI in action in an extreme closeup of the phone on YouTube.  Another video of even more length has been uncovered from a South Korean press event showing off more of the phone’s unique features, including the HDMI video playback on a large screen.  The quality looks fantastic and the phone continues to tickle our curiosity.  Sporting 5 home screens and some modification of MOTOBLUR, it seems to have similar styling cues to the DROID but trades in a few of the features for others.

For instance, its camera gets upgraded to 8.0 megapixels, but it loses the physical keyboard.  It has HDMI output but looks a bit thicker than the Droid.  And of course, who can look past that odd shaped bump housing three touch sensitive buttons on the face of the device.  This MOTOROI is said to be arriving on North American shores sometime around March and possibly on T-Mobile first, according to a recent FCC filing.  Interest is peaking on the device and hopefully Motorola will market it like it did the DROID, with unrelenting, original advertising.  Hit the jump for the entire 6:19 video.

[via AndroidandMe]