Michael Dell was caught in Switzerland briefly showing off his new toy in red.  The quasi-tablet/phone has an astounding 5″ screen and looks to fit comfortably in his hand, yet when sitting next to an iPhone, it looks gigantic.  We posted a hands on video a few weeks ago of the device as well as a teardown reveal of the official specifications.  In this video, we get a great look at Dell’s custom Android interface, icon style, and fluidity of the Snapdragon processor.

After the announcement of Apple’s iPad and its resounding negative press, it is great to see Dell lining itself up by partnering with Google to take a swing at the tablet market.  I’m curious to see if the 5″ screen is too much for a phone and too little for a tablet, but from the information received as of now, my interest has been officially piqued.  Hit the jump for the video and a gallery including a comparison shot of the Dell Mini 5, set to release in a “couple months” according to Mr. Dell.

[via – TechCrunch & PCOnline]

Dell Mini 5

Dell Mini 5 & Apple iPhone

Dell Mini 5 interface