image_58We reported earlier in the week that things are still moving for Austrailan electronics retailer Kogan and its Agora Android based smartphone. Indeed, over at Midnight Update, Seamus Byrne has released an interview with Ruslan Kogan taken at Kick Start 2009. In the video interview they touch on topics ranging from the problems with the original Agora handset  to how Kogan as a business has progressed even during the economic down turn. Just for the naysayers, Seamus reports specifically on the Agora at the end of the video filmed later on that evening. He lays to rest the rumours regarding whether or not the Agora even existed.

It turns out Kogan was created because Ruslan couldn’t afford to by an LCD TV even though he had a good job at Accenture. After doing some research with some contacts in Asia, Ruslan decided he could introduce LCD TVs and other gadgets to Australia with a lean business model at much cheaper prices. With a background in mobile phone repair from childhood, the logical next step was to branch into mobile phones and Android was the natural choice for the OS due to its open and inexpensive nature.

Ruslan Kogan confirms that the Agora was in the very final stages of the development process and was something Kogan were very excited about. He goes onto substantiate that the Agora will be released once the redesign is ready. As a business, Kogan is very streamlined and outsources many aspects of the business process, such as delivery and storage. This will allow Kogan to expand into other countries as soon as it finds distribution and storage partners. This is great news for Android lovers since the only thing stopping the upcoming Agora entering their shores will be a lack of someone wanting to make money!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.