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You know the world has gone nuts when people start watching videos on their smart watches. It’s simply not what Android Wear devices were made for, and it truly beats the purpose of a wearable, but it may have its benefits (which we can talk about later). The point is it’s now possible to enjoy your videos straight from your wrist, thanks to the new app Video for Android Wear & YouTube.

Video for Android Wear & YouTube allows smart watch owners to view YouTube videos on their tiny screens. After opening the app, one can simply perform a voice search to find any video. One is then presented with a plethora of results you can scroll through. Select one and you are ready to go! The video starts playing on your tiny screen and you are presented with options to pause, resume, seek and control volume.

Sound is an important part of a good video experience, right? We know most of you are wondering exactly how that works on the Video for Android Wear & YouTube app. Android Wear smart watches have no speakers! Thankfully, there is a solution to this. You can use any Bluetooth headphones or speaker to enjoy your clips to their fullest. These have to be connected directly to the watch, though, not the phone.

Still not satisfied? I mentioned an app like this may have its benefits, and that is what we are going to talk about now. Videos for Android Wear & YouTube (they seriously need a shorter name!) comes with full Chromecast support. This makes it unbelievably simple to watch YouTube videos on the large screen when your phone is not within reach, or when you are simply feeling too lazy to pull it out of your pocket.

Interested? You can head over to the Google Play Store to download the Video for Android Wear & YouTube (really?!). It is free to download, but offers in-app purchases. Developer appfour mentions it’s compatible with all Android Wear devices, so you shouldn’t have a problem. If it takes a while for the app to work, it’s because the Android Wear part of the app is larger than usual. Just give it some time.

Who is downloading? Is this really an app you see yourself using?

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