Google Goggles

Google Goggles

Right after the application was officially launched today, I downloaded and installed Google Goggles on my Motorola DROID and tested it out…on video.

The results?  No so impressive. It did manage to generally identify and return results on a few things, but the vast majority of products I tested (not all shown in the video) failed completely. What surprised me most is that even bar codes failed to bring up good results.

I did kinda like how nearby points of interest were shown as little tabs floating at the bottom of the camera viewfinder screen, though. Based on your current position and the direction you are pointing the phone, Goggles shows you things that are possibly in your view without you having to take a photo. You just touch on the tab, as I did in the video, and you get details on that business or attraction. The info page also lists other things in your immediate area, which is handy.

It’s certainly cool technology, but it seems to be quite a ways from being reliable.  I’m going to test it out further in the coming weeks, and hope to have some better luck with places than I did with things.

Video after the jump.