Not that long ago we showed you the video by planetbeing of the iPhone 2G running Android. Well, now the inevitable has happened and the magic behind the 2G port has gone ahead and cast its spells over the iPhone 3G. This version of the iPhone can now also run Android.

My initial thoughts on the iPhone 2G port was that ‘who would really want to use it?’. You can pick up a device running Android natively, with a better hardware specification, cheaper than buying an iPhone 2G. However, it does make sense for those that have a spare iPhone 2G because they upgraded to the 3G version when it was released. Now, with the port to the iPhone 3G, some of these concerns are dispelled, although I still think the Nexus One, Desire, etc. are a better option than buying an iPhone 3G in order to run Android on it. Still, it’s very cool!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.