Image from JKKMobile

Obviously ever since Apple decided to announce the iPad, every man, developer, manufacturer and his dog has got involved in the form factor reinvention. The SpeedPad by Hivision another pad looking to cash in on what is expected to be a market shift towards pad-like devices. Judging from the picture, the specification list is not strictly impressive, per se, but for under $100 who’s complaining?

For your money you can expect to use a 7” resistive touch screen (800 x 480) display run off a 4200mAh battery. There seems to be no internal hard-disk-drive, but the 2GB storage via an SD card will get you going. In terms of memory, the device offers 256 RAM which is not anything to write home about either. There is WiFi b/g but n is missing. Interestingly, there is GPS chip built in allowing for location based services. However, there is no mention of any form of Internet connectivity for 3G, which might prevent this device from using its GPS capability to the maximum. Video after the jump.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.