Today, amongst a barrage of Nexus One announcement news, Adobe demonstrated its Flash 10.1 player on the very device receiving all of the attention.  Due to the Snapdragon processor and Android 2.1 OS, the demo actually runs surprisingly well.  As you will see in the video after the jump, this demonstration is professionally put together by Adobe itself and is unlike the many “hack” or trick videos that are floating around the internet involving Flash on a mobile device.

No word yet on whether this will be exclusive to 2.1, but we have to think that someone will be able to port it when the time comes.  The only other question is, how will browsing the web with Flash enabled affect a device’s battery life and processing capability, with most advertisements displaying in Flash, one could easily see this becoming a problem.  Time will tell as it looks like we will be seeing much more of Adobe’s progress in the near future as it is pushed out to 2.1 users in the near future.  Video after the jump. Enjoy!