Adobe Android Tablet

Adobe Android Tablet

Down at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, some guys from came across the Adobe booth and upon inspection, stumbled across an Adobe example prototype Android tablet running Flash and AIR ‘flawlessly’. This prototype tablet seems to have been running Android 2.1 to boot.

It runs Adobe’s Flash and Air apps flawlessly. That was the first time I saw Adobe’s Air apps running on a tablet and totally impressed by how it ran. And now I can understand why Apple wants to ban Flash and other Adobe products completely from their iPhones and iPads, because it’s rather incredible technology.

Little is known about who makes the tablet or anything much about its hardware specifications. One thing is for sure, its an ‘Alpha’ stage prototype. Given this, the fact it runs these Flash and AIR applications is important. Usually prototype devices struggle with Flash. As such, we can probably assume that this tablet packs some heavy punches under the hood.

There are a host of videos and images of the tablet running AIR and Flash technology at the source website, but we have selected the best few to give you a suitabe example of what this guy is talking about. Check them out after the jump.

[Via Zedomax]

James Tromans
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