Viddy Android

Viddy has been available on iOS for a while and has now finally made its way on to Android in search of budding cinematographers who want to share creations with friends and family.

The premise of Viddy is that you can upload and share a short video rather than typing up your status. The app includes some basic video filters and the ability to add a soundtrack to your clip. Serious video editors or Youtube casters will find this software lacking, but for the rest of us it does an alright job of sprucing up our amateur content.

Clearly Viddy is aspiring to be another media orientated social network but that’s already a pretty cramped market. Does it really have an edge over Youtube?

The best thing about Viddy is that it’s fast; simply film something and click upload. It’s a great idea for capturing a hilarious moment or wishing someone a happy birthday, but I have a few reservations about both the implementation and the fundamental concept of Viddy.

Firstly your videos are limited to just 15 seconds which is simply too short for a lot of things. Multiple videos will eat up your data allowance pretty quickly so using it regularly to update your status is out the window. And the most pressing question of all: why would you spend the time editing and slowly uploading a video through a 3G network when it only takes seconds to type something on Twitter? It seems a bit inconvenient.

Don’t get me wrong, Viddy definitely has its uses and it’s a well built, functional app, but is it really a viable long term social networking platform? Viddy is compatible with 735 ICS and Jelly Bean devices and is available in 16 different languages, so check it out on Google Play and let me know what you think.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.