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When the “Chromebook Pixel” video was leaked, a quick apology went out on Google+. In this apology, CEO of, Victor Koch, tagged Sergey Brin and Francois Beaufort. Sergey we all know as the co-founder of Google. Francois is a Chromium developer who recently worked for Trapeze media.

Victor Koch lists Google as his employer from 2011-2012, and notes he co-founded Slinky back in 2010. While none of this causes alarm, his recent actions do. The leaked “Chromebook Pixel” video is alleged by Victor to be a result of Chinese cyber crime, hackers of course. Oh, the poor Chinese… they seem to get all the blame.

It’s curious how someone who worked at Google for about a year has ingrained himself so thoroughly that he’s now making videos for new releases. The site has some gorgeous photos, but it’s in Russian and fairly difficult to navigate, making us wonder just what is going on. Victor claims residence in Mountain View, CA, though in the “About” section of the site, claims offices in Tokyo, London, Berlin, New Dehli, Moscow, and Pekin… but not the USA.

Then, the curious instance of Francois Beaufort comes to mind. He shared the video as a possible “Concept” for the “Google Link”. I find it odd that one of the guys Victor tagged in his apology seemed to be as curious about the device as we are. Almost as if he had no idea of the video’s existence, or who Victor is.

“We were like Robin Hoods”

In an interview given with a Russian blog site back in 2011, Victor addresses a number of issues. The most curious of these issues is his hacking activity, and his alleged attempt to hack into the Pentagon. He denies attempting to break into the Pentagon, or any banking site, but claims he and his co-horts were “like Robin Hoods” and would “sometimes do useful things for society”. A former hacker, hacked by hackers, now making videos for a new Google product? How curious.

We now have a leaked video, specs, a registered domain, and a Keyzer Soze. What do you think… is this fake, or the future Chromebook? It’s all so… curious.


Victor has reached out to me, and challenged the blog I sourced in the closing paragraph as “fake”. He tells me he never gave the interview, and the photo used in it (and at the top of this article) was taken when he was 16 years old. The blog was found during a simple Google search, and was translated with Google translate.

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