A new brand has emerged in the Android armada, called Verzo. This Czech company has been under the radar since the summer, and recently launched its newest smartphone into the world: the Verzo Kinzo.

It sports a 1GHZ OMAP Processor, on a TFT 4.3” display. It comes with two cameras, a rear 5 MP, while the front is VGA. The battery is 1530 mAh made by Sony, and is currently being released as a GSM/3G phone. Also on board is 512 MB of RAM with an included 8GB SD card. Be assured that it is always expandable. With all this considered, it weighs around 155 grams.

The device itself is very attractive. Verzo said that diamonds inspired their design and one can see that it is a beauty as well. Moreover, it runs on Android OS with a custom user interface called the “Verzo GUI”, which strives to keep the use of their phone as simple as possible. Looking at some UI shots, it looks very flashy and pretty with good graphics. The materials used on the phone itself is said to be not as extravagant as the Droid Razr, made out of Kevlar, but Verzo says it sustains life and feels good in the hand using mostly soft touch plastics.

Despite its beauty, the speed of this phone is not superior. However, it is Verzo’s first phone, so we can cut them some slack. It does get the job done, and stays alive for 16 hours with you on the go, so it is an acceptable phone.

Another great thing about the Verzo Kinzo experience is the free accessories that Verzo was kind enough to include. In the box you get a minimalistic car charger, AC adapter, some stereo headphones, and a nice leather case to keep your Kinzo nice and safe. Overall, the launch of this phone was quiet, but it seems to have a big potential. The company looks like it is headed in the right direction, but is it a match for Samsung and Apple? Would you want this phone? Share you thoughts below.