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Verizon's service causes one man to start making deadly threats

Either way, a man in Connecticut recently decided that the best way to vent his anger at Verizon for their terrible service was to call a local Verizon store and threaten to kill all of the employees at that store.
July 1, 2014
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Generally speaking, Verizon Wireless tends to end up near the top of most customer service rankings. Then again, it really shouldn’t be that difficult to end up near the top when competing against companies like AT&T and Sprint whom have some of the worst customer service performance rankings.

Either way, a man in Connecticut was angry at his Verizon service and decided that the best way to vent his anger was to call a local Verizon store and threaten to kill all of the employees at that store.

Police said Gregory Kelley, 61, called a local Verizon store and threatened to go there with a gun and kill everyone because he was upset about his service. He was arrested just before 10 a.m. on Saturday and charged with threatening in the second degree, breach of peace in the second degree and second-degree harassment. – NBCConnecticut

This isn’t the first time that an unhappy customer of a wireless provider felt that the best way to have their service improve is to threaten employees at a local store. In fact, several years ago, a customer was tired of waiting at another Verizon store and decided that the quickest way to get service was to start throwing around threats to everyone in the store.

According to store employees, a man who police later identified as Michael S. Scalzo, 24, of Utica, became upset after waiting for service within the store. As Scalzo became impatient, police said he yelled several obscenities in front of employees and other customers who were waiting patiently within the store. Police said Scalzo also made a threat to the safety of store employees. – WKTV

In 2010, an angry AT&T customer entered an AT&T store and shot one employee before being shot dead by an off-duty police officer who happened to be in the store.

Abraham Dickan, 79, was a very unhappy AT&T customer. Yesterday, Mr. Dickan entered the store with a .357 magnum in his hand, and a list containing the names of six employees he intended to shoot. The senior citizen shot at the first AT&T worker, Seth Turk, but was gunned down by an off-duty police officer. WKTV reports that Rome Police Officer Donald J. Moore saw and heard the gun and shot at Dickan right away. – TomsGuide

In 2012, a man in the UK was denied a refund at a T-Mobile store, so he destroyed it by smashing fixtures and spraying around with a fire extinguisher. As Boing Boing notes, “There’s not really any excuse for this kind of thing, but mobile phone operators… Well, I suspect that many people have fantasized about doing exactly this.”