We know how convenient it is to buy things online. With a click of a button (or two), you’ll have the goods shipped to your front door in no time at all. But if you’re planning to buy THE hottest Android item of the year – at least for the time being – through Verizon’s website, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the deliveryman to knock on your door.

Following the delayed release of Samsung Galaxy S3 in its stores, Verizon has now pushed back the shipping date for people who buy the mighty phone online. Initially, the delivery date for the Galaxy S3 was set to July 11, but it’s now been changed to July 19.

There’s no guessing that the delay can be probably boiled down to Big Red trying to meet the delivery for all pre-order customers and make sure that they still have enough stock in their stores. Keeping this in mind, if you really need to get your mitts on Android’s shiniest toy, we suggest you brave the hot weather and make a quick stop at your local Verizon stores.

As for those who have pre-ordered the Galaxy S3, here’s hoping that everyone will receive their unit soon and won’t be troubled by any annoying delay. Feel free to leave your comments below on the shipment status and share the good news with others.