Verizon Wireless

Voice Over LTE is a technology we see mentioned off and on, but never seems to come to fruition. It sounds cool, but it never gets closer than being mentioned as upcoming technology. Verizon is naturally at the forefront of this technology, having perhaps the most robust LTE network in the country, but we still haven’t seen VoLTE.

For those unfamiliar, VoLTE is simply the ability to make calls over the data network. While it seems simple enough,there is a lot of back-end work to do, as LTE is a radical step forward for actual voice call technology. For a carrier like VErizon, which operates on a CDMA network, it also means they can have devices without htat CDMA modem.

Verizon CFO Fran Shammo recently revealed that Verizon VoLTE devices will be available later this year, with rollout of a VoLTE network starting in early 2014. While the service will, of course, be limited at first, it’s an important step toward full integration. This fits a timeframe reported late last year by Verizon, so it looks like all systems are go for VoLTE.

AT&T has also commented on bringing VoLTE to light, as their LTE network continues to grow. While this is still a long way from being widely implemented, we’re starting to see it in a real-world scenario, and that’s pretty awesome.

Now, about that unlimited data, Verizon…