It’s no secret that Verizon Communications wants more power over the direction of Verizon Wireless, which it owns in partnership with Vodafone. With that in mind, Verizon is preparing to offer up an $100 billion cash and stock bid to get buyout talks started.

In its current form, Verizon Wireless sees 55 percent of its control from its parent company. The remaining 45 percent belongs to British-based Vodafone. While the bid has yet to be officially brought to Vodafone, sources reporting to Reuters say that Verizon has hired legal and banking advisers as part of its preparation plans.

The question is whether or not Vodafone would even be interested in such a deal. According to several analysts and anonymous investors, it is possible that Vodafone would consider a buyout proposal, but likely wouldn’t settle for anything lower than around $125-$130 billion.

As New Street Research Anaylst, Jonathan Chaplin puts it:

“We doubt that Vodafone management or shareholders would be willing to sell for $100 billion; however, this is a good starting point for negotiations”.

Obviously all of this is still in the early stages. According to the Reuter sources, Verizon Communications will talk more about the deal internally at their regularly scheduled board meeting, right ahead of the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

Either way, Verizon seems quite determined to make the deal work. The plan is start private discussion of the matter, but Verizon is said to be prepared to take the bid public if Vodafone isn’t receptive of their offer.

Andrew Grush
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