Verizon V CAST App Store

Verizon V CAST App Store

AndroidandMe are reporting that Verizon Wireless are soon to release their very own fully fledged version of the Android Market, called V CAST App Store. The notion of a closed application market is not a new one for Verizon, who have been doing this for some time now with the Blackberry devices they offer from RIM. However, it is a bold move for the carrier as it shouts right in the face of Android and its ‘open’ nature. Indeed, if you already own a Verizon Android device, you may already be familiar with the V CAST Apps tab under the official Android market.

However, some agree that the Android market is a little messy and strewn with applications that may or may not try to pick-pocket you, or even work for that matter. My personal experience has been decent, but apparently Verizon feel otherwise. I would also imagine that there is some revenue in it for them, somewhere.

The word is that this will all start becoming clearer in a weeks time, and the store will only become available to Verizon devices running Android 2.2.

[Source: Android and Me]

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