Verizon Wireless has just started sending out emails to the press with a “save the date” invitation for May 22nd, during this year’s CTIA. Verizon’s email simply says that a “special announcement” will be made, but what could it be?

The invite doesn’t give us much to go on, but we can certainly put on our thinking caps and speculate a bit here.

One thought is that Verizon could be planning on changing up their contract strategy. Recently Verizon’s CEO said they were carefully watching T-Mobile’s new strategy and would consider a similar move if the interest was there. Shortly after that an alleged Verizon internal document showed up mentioning a device payment plan as an option for those that wanted to go with a month-to-month plan as opposed to a contract.

If true, this certainly sounds like a change worthy of a special announcement. Then there is always the possibility that Verizon is planning on unveiling one or more upcoming handsets.

There are several flagship handsets that are rumored to be around the corner, and we have yet to see solid information about when the Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming. Other handsets that could be unveiled include the rumored Verizon version of the HTC One and the upcoming Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia 928.

What do you think Verizon is planning to reveal at CTIA: New devices? Device payment plans? Something entirely different?

Andrew Grush
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