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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 arriving ahead of schedule, will be here May 23rd

Impatiently waiting for the May 30th launch of the Galaxy S4 on Verizon's network? Luckily, you now only have to wait until May 23rd, as Verizon has pushed the launch up by a week.
May 13, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4

While Verizon might (arguably) have the most extensive cellular coverage in the United States, it also tends to be a little slow to the punch when it comes to getting the latest and greatest devices, unless they are Verizon-only exclusives.

Take for example the Galaxy S4, which has been around for carriers such as AT&T and T-mobile for a while now. The latest Sammy flagship isn’t supposed to arrive to Verizon until May 30th! Suffering from the “I hate waiting blues”? The good news is that Verizon has now officially bumped up its launch date to May 23rd, a week ahead of schedule.

For those that need a refresher, the Galaxy S4 is powered by a 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, Andreno 320 GPU and 2GB RAM. The phone also has a 4.99-inch 1080p display, 13MP main cam, 2MP front cam, 16/32/64GB storage, microSD, and Android 4.2 with TouchWiz.

Come the 23rd, the phone will be yours either through their website or through Verizon stores, all you need to do is throw down $200 and sign a two year contract.

If you already have the AT&T version, the release of the Galaxy S4 to Verizon could still potentially be great news for you. Why’s that? Because security researcher Dan Rosenberg has found a way to unlock the bootloader-locked U.S. Samsung Galaxy S4, but has been waiting for Verizon’s version to be released before unveiling the method.

That means that shortly after May 23rd, the AT&T version (and likely all U.S. Versions) of the Galaxy S4 will finally be free of any constraints holding the phone back from being modded.