Much as we’d hate to admit, it’s not only the specs of the phone that entice people to reach for their wallet, but also its color. Now, Samsung hasn’t gone through the traditional route of introducing a black handset – as the Galaxy S3 originally only came in blue and white clothing. But this was rectified by the Korean as more colorful options were introduced later on.

For Verizon subscribers who want to replace their aging phone or pick up an extra handset of the flagship model, the Amber Brown and Black variant of the Galaxy S3, which we reported just a few short days back, are now available on Verizon’s website for purchase.

Except for the new splash of paint, you will find that it’s still the same Galaxy S3 inside with no change in specs whatsoever. It also comes with the same $199.99 price tag with a two-year contract. While you can find the new black variant in physical stores, the brown one is apparently only available online.

Will any of the two new colors finally convince you to get the Samsung Galaxy S3?