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It’s not often we get to say Verizon devices are early to get an update. Big Red is known for taking its sweet, sweet time rolling out updates. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users were starting to lose hope by this point, but Verizon has finally come around and given their phablet users a good taste of KitKat.

The biggest US carrier has just started rolling out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 devices. The international and Sprint versions were blessed with this update only some months ago, so we know this isn’t exactly all Verizon’s fault. Though the carrier did take some time, so did Samsung.

What’s new?

No update is complete without its expected bug fixes and performance enhancements. Those are fully present, but also included is a set of new features and UI improvements. The addition of KNOX 2.0 is among the biggest additions, giving Enterprise users great functionality and security.


KNOX 2.0 includes Dual Persona, TIMA Real Time Kernel Protection, Trust-Zone based ODE, Universal MDM Client, Samsung Enterprise Gateway and Knox Generic VPN Framework.

For those who care, this update also brings support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. In addition, apps like Google Drive, Photos, Play Newsstand and Emergency Alerts App Icon have been either included or upgraded, while S Suggest and Samsung music were removed. This update is really all that we were expecting – no surprises here.

Now that you know exactly what is waiting for you, you can go ahead and check for updates if you haven’t gotten a notification yet. Simply go to Menu > Settings > More > About device > Software update > Check for updates and the magic should be unleashed.

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