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Verizon releases useful online tools for 'helping customers make educated purchases'

Verizon Wireless has put up the Top 20 Must-Have Apps and Android App Reviews by Verizon tools in its support page to help find better apps.
February 10, 2013

Verizon Wireless has put up in its support page two useful online tools that can help its Android customers identify which of the 700,000 available apps in the Google Play Store are the most practical to purchase or download. The tools, namely the Top 20 Must-Have Apps and Android App Reviews by Verizon, have been purposed to provide reliable information that enhances the mobile experience of the company’s wireless subscribers.

The Top 20 Must-Have Apps is basically a list of apps that the wireless carrier deems necessary to fully take advantage of mobile devices. Each category, ranging from sports and family to video and finance, is represented by a best app. The list is refreshed at least four times every year. As of this writing, popular apps such as Dropbox, AppLuvr, Flipboard, Instagram, and more, fill the list.

On the other hand, Android App Reviews by Verizon go through the top 50 apps found in Google Play, half of which are free-to-download and the remaining half to be purchased. The top apps are determined by ranking over a 30-day period in the app store. Unlike the scores from other reviews and app recommendations, Verizon’s ratings reflect each app’s effect on battery life, security, and data usage of mobile devices.

Games such as Angry Birds have been given a perfect score since no known security threat has been identified within the app, only less than 30 minutes of battery life is consumed when it runs in the background, and it does not transmit more than 10MB of data when in idle mode. In contrast, Draw Something and Hill Climb Racing are among the underperformers due to their excessive battery consumption and data usage.

Also part of this project is a list of High Risk Android Apps that are noted for detrimental effects to mobile devices like loss of functionality, privacy exposure, and others. The aforementioned Draw Something is once again itemized here, due to its draining of the battery 2.7 times than normal.

Finding the best apps has certainly become a challenge for users. Verizon’s initiative is welcome move for everyone, especially when just about anyone can become a victim of bill shock and seemingly inexplicable battery draining issues.