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Verizon Pushes 5.9.902 Update to the Droid Bionic

February 10, 2012
It’s here, the update that will put the Droid Bionic back on top, at least for now. This update is supposed to help get rid of those data drops we all hate, and the Black Screen of Death as well as some other improvements.

Earlier this week, this update when out to soak testers and most people were saying it’d be a week before it was out to the rest of the Bionic owners. Well hey you guys were wrong! But it was a good thing, because the update got here less than 48 hours after the soak test was over. I have to give it to the folks over at Motorola for being so quick about this one.

Go ahead and hit up the comments below and let us know when you get the update, and if it actually fixed your data drops (if you had them) or any other problems you had.