We all absolutely positively hate mail-in rebates, but once in a while these might prove to be blessings in disguise. Well, not them exactly, but documents detailing them and informing us indirectly about phones to be released.

The latest Verizon rebate form lets us know about three handhelds that’ll hit Big Red by November 21, although the biggest story is who’s missing from that list. HTC’s DLX (aka DNA) has been making the rumor rounds lately, and despite it being most likely just a regional version of the Japanese J Butterfly, the official unveiling and launch are still on hold.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is another notable absence from the rebate form, but that doesn’t come as a surprise, as the doc only details offers valid through November 21 and we already know that the phablet will reach Verizon on the 29th.

As for unreleased phones that are on the list, there are only two that interest us directly – the LG Spectrum 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2.

The first of the duo has just had its spec sheet revealed via Best Buy, where it will cost $649.99 with no contract. The subsidized price is still unknown, but we’re guessing it’ll be around $150 after rebate with a two year carrier agreement. We could even hope to see Verizon releasing the 4.7-incher for just 100 bucks, but that seems unlikely considering that 720p display, 8 MP rear-facing cam and 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU.

The Galaxy Stratosphere 2 has also had most of its specs revealed, including a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, a 1.5 GHz dual-core S4 CPU, and an 8 MP camera. The price is again kept under wraps, but it’ll probably have to undercut the LG Spectrum 2 by at least $50.

A third phone to be released by Verizon comes from Nokia, but frankly the Lumia 822 is far from exciting, with its running of Windows Phone 8 and featuring of a 480 x 800 pix res 4.3-inch display. The rumored $99.99 price makes it a tad more appealing, but we think we’ll still stick to Android.

How about you? Will you be looking for the Spectrum 2 or Stratosphere 2? Or will you be waiting for the HTC DLX and GNote 2 phablets?

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