First leaked a month and a half ago, the Verizon-bound Pantech Perception has just checked in to the FCC. Nothing unusual there, as Pantech is probably putting the finishing touches on Big Red’s version of the Discover before making it available.

What is unusual and a little bit surprising is the amount of intel revealed by FCC’s approval docs, regularly filled only with boring ID labels, authorization letters and so on. This time, we get a very nice glimpse at the certified phone, both on the internal and external sides.


There are a dozen of pics starring the hardware used to build the handheld and about as many with the stylish exterior look of the Perception. You can notice the big guy closely resembles AT&T’s Discover, silver finish, curves and all.

Still, the two are not identical twins as far as we can tell, with Verizon’s fellow being a little more rounded around the edges. The carrier’s logo is missing, but we’re expecting it to pop up above the screen and possibly somewhere on the back at the time of the release. The unmistakable 4G LTE mark is already shown and will certainly remain there.


Unfortunately, besides the slightly different corners, the Perception is going to distinguish itself from the Discover in at least one more way – by featuring an 8 MP cam and not a 12.6 MP one. Hopefully, the rest of the specs will remain the same, including that splendid 4.8-inch 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution panel, the respectable dual-core 1.5 GHz S4 Plus CPU, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of on-board storage.

If the need for another change arises, the Android 4.0 ICS of the Discover could profit from a Jelly Bean makeover. But that’s all, okay, Verizon?